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Advice for hotel equipment

It is good to know...
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Beds in accommodation facilities are not the same as beds intended for home use. This holds for large luxury hotels and small guesthouses alike, as long as these want to ensure a high-quality sleep. High-quality beds for accommodation facilities honour several principles and characteristics:

  • The bed is one of the most important things in the accommodation facility!!!
  • The quality of sleeping depends on the bed = the main and the most fundamental mission of any accommodation facility!!!
  • It definitely does not have to be more expensive than a home bed!
  • Hotel beds consist of a boxspring and a mattress loosely lying on it, with the mattress not being framed (i.e. not partially embedded in the frame). Why without a frame?
    • When joining twin beds to form a king size bed, there is not the so much unpopular gap, the beds are easier to make, guests do not strike their calves against the frame. The connection can be fastened down easily.
  • The height of the top level of the mattresses of today’s modern beds is 58-61cm. Why?
    • It is a dominant feature of the room, gives a noble impression, makes getting up easier.
  • The base of the bed consists either of an upholstered hardbox, a baseboard or a so called boxspring in the more luxurious beds.
    • The base of the bed is placed either on legs or on a plinth.
    • The legs can be equipped with gliders for easier moving around, depending on the floor type.
    • Any space under the bed lower than 11 cm is difficult to clean; no one will clean dust from such areas.
    • Boxspring = an upholstered base that itself is suspended and represents the highest standard.
  • Hotel mattresses are the most important parts of the beds!!!
    • They ensure the sleeping comfort and convenience; they are made to withstand the demanding hotel operations.
    • The core most often consists of springs or the so-called pocket springs. What are they? 
    • A large number of springs in separate textile pockets providing the ultimate comfort of the sleep.
      • Mattresses are rotated regularly; their standard lifetime represents 10-15 years.
      • Reliable manufacturer = 5 year warranty.
    • Foam versus springs - an eternal discussion. Renowned hotel chains use springs, obviously they know why... (but we can discuss that some other time).
  • Headboards of the beds are most often hung on the walls independently.
    • The bed bases are loosely attached to them in the head part.
    • The headboard is either made of a solid material or it is upholstered. Be careful when cleaning it.
    • Headboards are easily detachable/removable, for example to prevent or control bed-bugs.
  • And what about beds and mattresses bought under a lease-purchase plan? Nothing is impossible...!

And what kind of beds and mattresses will you choose for your accommodation facility now??? :)

We have written down some of the most important rules for you. Do you have any further queries? Do not hesitate to ask any of us...

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Accommodation Facilities Developer and Strategist
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Renowned Czech Manufacturer of Hotel Mattresses and Beds
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Yeah, and BTW, do you know which four-legged friend is man’s best? The bed, of course! :)